Information Technology

Established in the year 2008, the Department of Information Technology, situated at Techno India Banipur Campus, meant for under-graduate studies, is one of the largest and well established departments of the college. Very soon after its establishment, the department began to provide the intellectual foundations of Indian Technologies. Since then, over time, the department has played a vital role in the development technological resources by establishing the ability of students to carry out advanced scientific and technological studies and research in various fields. Their contribution is immense. The Department of Information Technology has played a very significant role in science and technology education and research in our country. It has vivid reputation in the fields of different Computer applications, Information Sciences and Technology Studies. The prizes and valuable contribution of its students and faculties in all sphere of life have always enhanced the brilliance of the department.

The Department of CSE has state of the art laboratory housing 1:1 computers with LAN and Internet facility where the students can practice programming skills, projects and some hardware practices. Available Laboratories are :Programming Lab, Advanced Computing Lab, Computer Networking Lab, DBMS lab, Operating System lab, Microprocessor Lab, Digital Communication Lab, Circuit & Device Lab, Digital Electronics Lab.